Donations would be gratefully welcome to keep the server running and to enable valuable upgrades All donations are gratefully appreciated and help for a greater gaming experience. NO REFUNDS DecisionPVP is a amazing lag free 24/7 raid server. There are amazing warps. Such as warp donate, warp pvp, warp 1v1, warp prebuilt, warp parkour and many more to come! If you're a PvPing raider type of minecraft player this is the server for you. RULES DecisionPvP has some rules which are put in place to make the game fair. Hackers will not be permitted. 1. Be respectful 2. Be ethical 3. Use common sense 4. Do not hack or use any other type of unfair mod eg. Nodus 5. Do not lure 6. Do not scam DONATOR RANK Any donations will go towards ram and slot upgrades. There are a large range of donation ranks. All of them give you items that will give you a boost in the game and also cool names and prefixes which will show on your name. WE CARE ABOUT YOU GUYS The only thing this server is setup for is for you guys to have fun. Thanks and we hope you have fun on our server gamingsight